BrownStone Ranch Boers

Welcome to BrownStone Ranch Boers, we are currently located on the edge of Waxahachie, Texas ! We started as many did with just a couple of wethers but then it quickly grew to a hobby.  Right now we currently have 6 breeding does and 2 Bucks.  This past breeding season was a sucess with 9 heatly babies, 7 girls and 2 boys.  Please stop by the kids page to see how they are growing up. 

We have learned to use the goats for therapy, its much cheaper than a office visit.  Needless, to say most of the goats are well socialized and can put a smile on the face of a person who has had the worst day.  Thye don't ask for much just some food and a pet here and there. 

Well thats it for us please take a look around and if you like what you see please Email us.  We are open to all offers and just about everything is for sale.  We also use the wethers for brush clearing so if you have the correct fence and need some weeds cleared just let us know. 

And please keep in mind that our website is just starting and is still under construction

If you have any questions please Email us at