~~BSR Kids~~


 This is Frost out of Oreo and Napolian

  This is "6" she is out of 95 and Napolian and she was the biggest girl born this spring. 

 Meet Patch she is the sister to Angel which is out of "V" one of our pertentage does.  

  The website would not be complete unless you had a goat scratching.  This is Trixie, she is out of Blondie and Colossal. 
  This is Angel, she is the daughter of V.  She is very friendly and if you sit down then she will come over and sit in your lap.
  Here we have Josie and all of her kids.  Starting from the left is Reba, Martina and Curly Joe.  All of them did great considering they were always fighting for milk from Mom.