(Above) This is "95" otherwise know as "Pat".  She is a registared full blod Boer goat from Hidden Acres Ranch in New York.  Her Sire is PARM STARMAN *Ennobled 2003* and Dam is TGP Bonnie


This is Blondie, she is a percentage goat with NASDAQ on the sire side, that had twins this past spring and the Sire is Hidden Acres Colossal. Colossal was one of the Best pair of bucks in the 2006 ABGA National show. She is a excellent mother and gave birth with no problems at all.  Look for Trixie and Dixie her girls on kids page. 


(Above) Please meet "V" she is a percentage boer that has thrown two beautiful girls this past spring.  Her sire is Hidden Acres PARR Starman*Ennobled*


(Above) This is Josie a registered boer Doe with EGGS ACTA on the sire side.  This year she had triplet and did very well with them.  She threw two girls ( Martina and Reba) and one boy ( Curly Joe).  She had enough milk to support all of them.

(Above)This is our girl Oreo.  I just love the spots that she has on her.  She had a single buck this past spring and the spots were past on.  Look for her boy "BSR Frost" on the kids page. 

This Speckles one of our grade goats and right next to her is baby spot.  Spot is a very friendly and active baby.